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The Top 6 Tips for Success

Find your passion.

Success requires hard work and hard work requires passion. The pursuit of money (or the lack of it) can give you drive. It can push you forward, but when long days and late nights push you to the brink, there’s only one thing that will get you through it: passion. Without passion you’ll always be tempted to give up, but when you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll find a reason to keep going.

Differentiate yourself.

Everything in life is based on supply and demand. The greater the pool of people like you, the less likely it is you’ll find a unique customer base or the more leverage an employer will have over you. Join the herd and you’ll blend into the group. Find your unique skill set and you can charge as much as you want.

Keep learning.

To be successful, you can work harder or work smarter. Knowledge will always give you a leg up on your competition. Books and videos are a great way to learn and people are even better, but neither is a substitute for experience. Don’t stop growing waiting for a mentor. There are many ways to learn from others without defining a mentorship relationship. Great mentors are hard to find and they’ll be looking for someone already on the rise and with their own expertise. No one is going to come in and turn your business from a flop to a success. Prove yourself and then look for ways to take your business to the next level.

Join a group of like minded people.

As the old cliche goes, you are the sum of your five closest friends. Surround yourself with hard workers and they’ll motivate you to do the same. Surround yourself with experts and you’ll learn from them. Surround yourself with laziness and you’ll get used to the same slow rhythm. Look for someone who brings value to your life and then make sure you do the same for them.

Be decisive and get it done now.

Indecision leads to inaction. Until you launch your product, you’ll only ever be able to guess at the right choice. Moving quickly and launch now. Then you can get feedback, iterate, and deliver exactly what your customer is looking for based upon their direct feedback.

Be positive.

There’s going to be a million reason to give up. People will tell you your idea is terrible, you’ll get exhausted, and your goals will seem a million miles away. If you can’t remain positive through it all, you won’t be able to keep going. Look at how you’ve grown, remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, and be sure to reflect on positive. Write down a few positive things happening in your life in the morning. You’ll be more positive throughout the day and find it easier to do do as time goes on.

Do you have your own tips for success? What has worked for you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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