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Steps to Building a Business

Build a website.

If you want to make money online, you’re going to need a website. There’s no way around it. Everyone wants the best. For consumers to believe your product is the best, they need to see you as the knowledge leader in the field. Consumers want to know their product was designed by someone that understands their needs, experienced their pains, and gone through numerous prototypes to build the perfect product for them. They want to know the people behind their products. Now more than ever, they want their product to have a story.

Develop content.

Your content is your bread and butter. Make it good. This everything. Your writing, your sales, and your products. This is up to you. You can hire people to make it look good or sell it for you, but ultimately you know your product best. Of all the steps to building a business, this is the one in which you should be most involved.

Connect with your audience.

The truth is there is no shortcut here. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The behemoths of the industry have legions of genius employees doing their best to make sure you don’t abuse their systems and that if you do abuse them, you’re punished harshly for it. You may get a short-term win using questionable methods, but it’s doubtful that it will work in the long term. Try to truly connect with your audience and use your openness, creativity, and passion to stand out from the competition. All human beings appreciate someone honed their craft through to passion, hard work, and dedication. If you’ve really done that then people will take notice.


Convert your followers into customers. Provide value, prove you’re an expert, and demonstrate you have the best product. All customers want the best. Stand behind your product 100%, be open to criticism, and shamelessly plug what you’re selling. There’s no reason not to keep selling when you are selling something of real value. Show the customers you really believe in your product and they will follow suit.

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