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January 20 – Goals and Updates

I already had a good idea of what I needed to focus on today last night, so I wrote down my MITs ahead of time. I’m pretty anxious to put this site out there and get on to other things. I’m forcing myself to finish it and launch. One of my biggest problems is spending too much time in development without feedback either due to feature creep or some other perfectionist mindset. Without any feedback it quickly gets to the point where I completely loose interest before I’ve even shown it to anyone. I’m determined to stop that cycle with this site, but daaaaang I’m ready to be done. I’ve rushed the last few articles to be honest, but I think it’s good to get a base site done and hear some feedback. I also haven’t gotten to take much time to look over the site as a whole, so I want to post a good content spread then look it over, link it up better, and do some editing.


1.) Resources page

2.) Write post about maximizing your runway

3.) Finish building a WordPress site blog post

4.) Finish affiliate marketing blog post


1.) Outlined

2.) Not started

3.) More or less done

4.) More or less done

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