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January 26: Goals and Updates

Taking it a bit easier today. I crammed yesterday and then stayed up late procrastinating from sharing my website. It’s a single-sided exposure of personal thought. It’s possible I’ll be misinterpreted or judged without a chance to defend myself. Still, I think back to the old internet adage, “no one cares.” The masses wash over a topicĀ and continue about their day. Only those that truly love it or hate it linger. Only those that are impacted stay behind. I suppose in the end, that’s the real goal. Writing without impact is without purpose, if I don’t expose myself to criticism, then my writing has no meaning.

My Roost laptop stand came today. So far I really like it. It’s well constructed. It is a bit odd getting used to the separate keyboard and mouse situation, but hopefully this will be counting down on any neck and back pain. We’ll see how I like it when I’m actually moving around with it.


1.) More e-mails

2.) Re-familiarize myself with my Chess puzzle app project

3.) Get a rough estimate of my time in Myanmar


1.) Done

2.) Done

3.) Not done

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