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December 30 – Goals and Updates

I did not launch yesterday as I did not feel I had the quantity of content prepared that I wanted to have. However, I do feel like I am overly preparing for this launch. Launches are generally thought to be high pressure, life-or-death events and they can be on certain platforms where initial traction directly relates to overall exposure, but “launching” on Facebook isn’t a true launch as there’s no long term effects on exposure and multiple launches are possible. That said, I believe it is still best to make a solid first impression, so I will work on getting a lot done today.

All that said, todays goals are:

1.) Digital Nomad Disappointments or a similar titled article. The goal is to be real with my audience and communicate the actual struggles rather than just the pictures of me working on a beach.

2.) As many as possible of the following: Getting Started Making Money Online, Copywriting, Affiliate Marketing, Psychology and Entrepreneur tips/books, Building a WordPress site, (continue adding info to website buying tips), Travel Tips: Clothing, Travel Tips: Equipment, and another Travel Story

3.) Go through branding information

4.) Continue work finding websites


1.) More or less got this done.

2.) I worked on a travel story article.

3.) I worked on my about page.

4.) Made progress.

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