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Best Food: Chiang Mai

Here’s a list of my favorite places to eat near Nimmanhaeminda Road.

Breakfast on the Go:
7/11 – Ham and Cheese Croissant – 25 baht (add yogurt for 12 baht)
Mini-crepe with Meat & Egg  – 10 baht each – stand near the Subway

Best Cheap and Delicious:
Burmese Restaurant – Red Curry Chicken Fried Rice, Fried Broccoli and Chicken in Rice with Oyster Sauce, Chicken Basil and Rice, Garlic Chicken and Rice, Tea Leaf Salad,  and Tamarind Salad – 30-40 baht each (add fried egg for 5 baht)
Rick’s Place (nicknamed after a friend of mine – 3rd stall from corner of Nimman soi 11 & Siri Mangkalajan Rd. – Khao Soi (Chiang Mai Noodles) and Pad See Ew (Wide noodle dish) – 30-35 baht each
Half Chicken  – 70 baht – On Nimman soi 11 just before it meets Siri Road

Best Healthy (and Vegetarian):
Salad Concept – Custom Salad or Wrap, I  had a wrap with lettuce, carrots, red beans, hard-boiled egg, onions, raisins, chicken, & spicy Thai sauce. – 100 baht
Anchan Vegetarian – Vegetable Curries  – 120 baht+

Best Taste and Artisan Quality:
Rustic & Blue – Pork Chorizo Burger – 300 baht

Best Pad Thai:
Organic Veg – 40 baht? – Down the street across from Salad Concept. They have multiple entrances. I recommend going to the inside section during hot days.
In order: Burmese Restaurant, Pad Thai stand in middle of Maya basement, Pad Thai Maploy, Mustache Man Pad Thai (in front of 7/11 near center of Nimman), Pad Thai guy on 4th floor of Maya

Best Spicy Noodle Dish:
Custom Spicy Chicken Noodle – 45 baht – Crazy Noodle, just before Cafe De Nimman by Punspace
Other Great Spicy Dishes:
Chicken Katsu Curry      – 115 baht – Mu’s Katsu near Hillside 2 and Burmese Restaurant

Best Food in Maya Mall:
Pork Leg Stew – 50 baht (+10 for egg) – on your left in the basement after leaving escalator
Hokkian Noodles – 40 baht – 4th floor of Maya mall, closest corner of the second closest square when approaching the stalls area from the escalator

Best Sushi:
Musashi – various rolls – 40-200+ baht per roll

Best Burger:
Beast Burger – Beast Burger – 140 baht single, 200 baht double

Best Sandwich:
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Coleslaw – 185 baht – El Diablo – Near Taipei Gate
The Larder – Tomato, Ham, and Cheese – 145 baht

Best Indian:
Indian curry – 140-220 baht – Indian restaurant across the street from 7/11 and Tesco on Nimman

Best Pizza:
Why Not? – any pizza – starting at 160 for Margarita, 220+ for rest
Koh Lanta Pizza – starting at 120 for small Margarita, 220+ for rest

Best Late Night:
Pad Thai Maploy – Chicken & Rice with Oyster sauce, Pad Thai, Pad See Yu, Garlic Chicken and Rice – 40-50 baht

Best Chill Bar:
Rooftop Bottle Bar – 53 baht Chang – across from Nimmanhaemind soi 2 where there’s the Adidas. It’s a small liquor store next to the gold massage building with a roof where you can drink what you purchase there.
Small House Cafe

Best Cocktail Bar:
OMG Nimman – 100 baht Gin & Tonic – corner of Nimman & Soi 11

Best Dance Bar:
Warm Up Café

Best Jazz Bar:
The North Gate Jazz Club

Best Party Bars:
Zoe in Yellow
Spicy Night Club Chiang Mai

Honorable Mentions:
Chicken Green Curry Rice   – 40 baht – first corner on North side when going West past Maya
Pork Noodle                           – 40 baht – Green sign between Mu’s Katsu and Burmese Restaurant
Chicken Kebab                      – 50 baht – Stand across from Baan Thai, between 7/11 & Tesco on Nimman
Grilled Chicken & Rice  – 70 baht – Suk Kasame Rd, past Harley Davidson sign
Breakfast/sandwiches – 100-200 baht – Smoothie Blues, between 7/11 and Tesco
Mexican Food – 200 baht – Salsa Kitchen – Good, not great, near Kad Suan Kaew

Corner Bistro
The Pub

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